Which Flooring is Right For Your Home?

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It’s not the most exciting decision you have to make for a remodel, but choosing the right floor is a significant decision. It has an impact on the overall look of the room and serves a practical purpose. We offer several types of flooring that can be the perfect choice for your Denver metro kitchen and bath.

Natural Hardwood Floors

Nothing upgrades the value (aesthetically and financially) of your home quite like hardwood floors. They look beautiful and are also practical. This durable surface creates a warm, elegant feel and works well in any room in the house. Also, you have a wide variety of colors that will match your home’s style—or transform it entirely.

Hardwood floors require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean—you don’t have to worry about lingering stains from spills from the kids.

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Tile Flooring

For a touch of luxury and unique style, tile flooring can provide. Tile is remarkably easy to clean and resistant to humidity, making it an ideal choice for a kitchen or bathroom. There are so many styles and colors to choose from in materials like ceramic and stone, which can even become the focal point of the room.

Indoor allergy sufferers will benefit from this type of flooring, as you can quickly remove dust and debris with regular sweeping and dry mopping. For added visual appeal, tiles are available in a variety of shapes that allow you to create beautiful, unique patterns.


You’ll hear a lot of flack about carpeting, but it’s an excellent choice for your home. Carpeting changes a room and gives it a warm, comforting, cozy feeling, and it truly changes the personality of the room. Carpets are a great way to add color or add depth to the color scheme of a room—even the carpet texture can change the mood of the room.

Also, Aurora homeowners will appreciate the added insulation carpet provides in the colder months.

Meeting Your Flooring Needs

When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, don’t forget to contact us for your flooring needs. Niron Depot offers a great selection, as well as style ideas to help you get your dream home.