What is a Modern Kitchen?

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If you’re looking at remodeling your kitchen, you’ve probably been exploring your options and looking for a style that you like. During this search, you may have come across something called a “modern kitchen.” In your mind, you may have thought that all kitchen remodels made them modern, but it’s actually a specific style.

If you’re considering getting your kitchen remodeled to be modern, here are some of the elements you will see incorporated into the style.

Flat-panel doors

These can also be referred to as slab-door style and it is the signature element in this type of kitchen. In essence, the doors of the cabinets throughout the kitchen are flat, giving the space a uniform appearance.

Frameless, full-overlay cabinets

Not only will the cabinet and drawers in your kitchen have flat fronts, but you also won’t see any frames. That means that there won’t be dividers between any of the spaces. They will look like one continuous piece that flows throughout the kitchen.

Simple, sleek hardware

The cabinets and drawers may have hardware on them, but it won’t be anything flashy. Like everything else, it will be smooth and uniform. In some cases, it will be integrated into the surface of the cabinet, so nothing extra will be added at all. If it’s not incorporated, it will be vertical or horizontal and run the length of the door or drawer.

kitchen upgradeLots of horizontal lines

Modern kitchens really like their horizontal lines, and they will emphasize them with everything. From the pulls on the cabinets and the drawers to how the countertops align with the cabinets and drawers. These lines feel clean and are uniform through the space.

In some cases, horizontal lines will be included in the counter design, whether they are placed there as grooves or the wood grain was chosen specifically because of the lines that run across the surface. This is another aspect of a modern kitchen.

Modern kitchens aren’t for everyone. They can feel sterile and ordered. However, that’s the style element that others really like. For different kitchen options, contact Niron Depot and start designing the kitchen of your dreams today.