What is a Modern Bath?

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If you’re ready for a change in your home, especially in the bathroom, then you may want to consider making it modern. No, this doesn’t mean that the space you were in before was from the Stone Ages. It’s a style design that has a specific look that some people find incredibly appealing. When looking to include a modern bath in your home, the following things will need to be incorporated.

clean bathroomOnly the Essentials

In a modern bath, only the essentials are included in the area. This gives it an incredibly clean and spacious look. However, just because it looks basic, that doesn’t mean that it is. Vanities, tubs, showers, and even towel racks can be of the highest quality and add something extra to this space.

Muted Colors

More often than not, white is the color of choice when it comes to a modern bathroom. This adds an incredibly clean feeling to the room. If you prefer something other than white, monochromatic colors are often used in this space. Just because there is a lack of bright colors, that doesn’t mean there isn’t texture. These are often found in the marble and tiles that are chosen for the countertops and within the shower.

Sometimes, a bold color will be splashed in the room to break up the monotony. These are often red, lime green, or orange, but they can also be whatever color you choose. They can be found in the towels or even an accent wall behind the vanity.

Smooth Surfaces

From the sinks to the tub to the front of the cabinets, everything in a modern bathroom is smooth. The top of the vanity is not cluttered with stuff, and there’s just a very clean and sleek feel to the entire room.

Often, natural materials such as stone, granite, and marble are used in modern bathrooms because of their smoothness. You may also find woods that are finished with a high shine in these areas to add to the smooth look.

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