Vintage Bathroom Ideas

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Everyone can do a bathroom remodel, but if you have an older house or a unique aesthetic, you may want something a little different. Going with a vintage design doesn’t have to mean painstakingly going through an antique store to find exactly the right pieces. In fact, you can get some modern updates for your Colorado bathroom that look vintage.


One way to update your kitchen and to create a vintage look is to go with white cabinets. Many years ago, a white bathroom was synonymous with cleanliness. No matter what the reason, white cabinets will look clean, and you can create a more vintage feel with the addition of hardware and textiles.


One of the classic bathroom looks that looks great while not looking dated is the octagonal white tile with a black square. In fact, any black and white tile will automatically give your bathroom a vintage feel. Either leave the walls white or add your favorite paint color to add a touch of your personality.


There are many different hardware choices for your bathroom remodel. For a look from the past, you may want cabinet doors that are inset into the cabinet so that the hinges are visible, which will give the bathroom a feel that’s not from the modern era.


In general, for a retro bathroom, you can’t go wrong with white. The black and white look is classic, as are colors like mint and yellow. Blue and avocado green aren’t out of the question.

Sinks and Tubs

Standalone sinks without a vanity have an old-school feel, and you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned claw foot tub.


Part of what will make any bathroom stand out is a combination of textures. Combine stripes with looped bath mats and lets the different textures play off of each other.

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