Unique Medicine Cabinet Features

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If you’re remodeling your bathroom, one functional part of the room that you shouldn’t ignore is the medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet is great as both an important visual piece in the bathroom and as a functional vessel for holding important items like medicine and grooming items. When you’re choosing your new medicine cabinet, keep an eye out for some of these modern and unique features.

Internal Mirrors

We all know that medicine cabinets are useful because of their mirrors on the outside, but an awkward thing happens when we need to access the inside of the medicine cabinet. You get the items you need but you can no longer see the mirror. This is where internal mirrors come in. The inside of the cabinet door is also a mirror, making it easy to apply makeup or groom while the cabinet is open.

Say Goodbye to Fog!

Hot showers are delightful, but one consequence of taking one is that the mirror becomes foggy and its usefulness immediately diminishes. While this isn’t the newest technology, defogging tech has improved and works better and for longer. With the right temperature control, your mirror can stay clear and available for use.

Electrical Compatibility

From electric toothbrushes to shaving tools, it seems like there are quite a few electronics we use regularly in the bathroom. Look for medicine cabinets that have extra outlets, either USB or standard. You’ll be happy for the extra charging space for all of your bathroom accouterments.

Adjustable Mirrors

We’ve already discussed the importance of having internal mirrors in the medicine cabinet, but some even have an extra magnifying mirror on the outside. This by itself is a great feature, but what makes it better is that the magnifying mirror is adjustable. You can change the height of the mirror to accommodate individuals of different heights.

Add Some Color to Your Bathroom


If you have small children in the house, it’s important to keep your medicine stored out of reach. Some medicine cabinets have locks on them so you can safely keep medicine out of curious little hands.

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