Unique Bathroom Color Schemes That Pop

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If you live in the Denver metro area, it’s easy to feel like you’re just a drop in the bucket. With so many neighbors, everything can start to feel the same, which leads some homeowners to inject some personality in their home in the form of a bathroom remodel. Because the room is often small, you can take a chance on interesting color trends and accessories. Here are a few unique color schemes that have that wow factor.

Red and White

The stark contrast between white and a bright red is striking and bold. Use red for key accent points or even paint an entire wall red to create a dramatic effect. At the same time, the red and white combination feels very clean, which makes the room feel that much tidier.


Turn a tiny, enclosed bathroom into a minty dream. When a bathroom is armed with a mint and white color scheme, the room will feel bright and cheery. Use a polished chrome for accents on the cabinets to create a design that really pops when you enter the room.

Mira Collection Towel Bar

Midnight Blue

If you’re a fan of the black and white bathroom, we think you’ll love the idea of an unusual color combo—white and midnight blue. The dark color is handsomely unconventional. Pair it with bright whites and dark greys for an intense look.

Black and Rose

For a funky take on the black and white color scheme, throw in accents of bright rose. The pink hue will draw the eye and show off your fun personality.

Think Cobalt

White and pale blue are traditional in many bathrooms, but if you want something bold and daring, you should consider cobalt for the bathroom. The rich hue is eye-catching and absolutely unforgettable, especially when paired with brass or copper.

Green With Envy

Green in the bathroom can contribute to a unique space. Think vintage with a sage green or go bold with a richer hue.

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