Unexpected Kitchen Storage Solutions

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s also where you keep a significant amount of stuff. Designing your new kitchen has to involve enough storage for food and kitchen accessories and appliances while reducing visible clutter. We’ve put together a collection of surprising and unique storage solutions for your kitchen remodel.

Go Vertical

Storage doesn’t have to end with what’s within arm’s reach. Add a second row of cabinets above the refrigerator and above your cabinets for daily use, and install a sliding ladder for easy access. The out-of-the-way storage is perfect for tools you use only rarely, and the ladder provides a unique touch that has an old-school feel.

To add height and storage to a countertop, add a étagère shelf. The open design will maintain an airy feeling while providing space for books, knick-knacks, and kitchen accessories.

Hang It Up

For homes that have beautiful cookware, like cast iron or copper, hanging your pans creates visual interest and makes the kitchen feel warm and lived in. Add hooks to the walls or install a hanging rack over the island for centralized access. If you need to save space, hanging your mugs under cabinets will get you there—install a contrasting bar or pipe with hooks for a kitchen detail that pops. There are even drawers with vertical racks desikitchen floorgned to hang your pots and pans for out-of-sight storage.


Baskets provide a storage solution perfect for the country kitchen. Place baskets or woven boxes on open shelves and use them to store items like cutting boards and racks. The textures of the baskets will provide a nice contrast to the smooth lines of your cabinets and countertop.

Plate Drawer

Save effort reaching for heavy crockery by installing a pull-out plate drawer. This type of drawer should include moveable pegs that can be adjusted to fit different plate sizes—the pegs will keep the plates from shifting while you open and close the drawer.

The Kitchen Experts

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