Trends in Countertop Design

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Now is a great time to remodel your kitchen and bath, and the countertop is one place where you can make a significant impact. Replacing the countertop is one way you can make a dramatic change without having to replace the cabinets if you don’t want to. Since it’s probably been a while since you’ve looked at countertops, here are a few of the current trends in kitchen and bath design.

Quartz is In

Quartz countertops are a combination of materials bound with a special type of resin, and it was created as an alternative to granite. Unlike granite, quartz does not require regular sealing, and quartz comes in a variety of colors and has a pretty consistent look. Thanks to its durability and adaptability, quartz is going to be on the scene for a long time to come.

Go Beyond a Polished Finish

For years, homeowners have fallen in love with the polished finish. It looks clean and shiny, but did you know that there are other options out there? A honed finish is becoming more popular, as it is a matte finish that hides defects. This has become increasingly popular for marble countertops. The leathered finish is also more popular now. It has a nice texture and looks a little better than the honed finish, but the biggest plus is that it doesn’t show water stains the way the polished finish does—perfect for a bathroom or kitchen.

Countertop Design

Sink and Countertop as One

One trend that we love is the integrated sink. This means that the sink and the countertop are the same material, and the sink is an undermount style that looks seamless. You can wipe directly into the sink without worrying about water and crumbs getting into tiny crevices. It looks modern and clean, and it’s easy to maintain. What’s not to love?

Natural Light and Neutral Tones

Natural light is a popular trend because it feels bright and airy, and neutral tones are winning out over bright colors. Neutral is also the way to go if you intend on selling your house in the near future—you don’t know what tastes the new buyer might want.

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