Timeless Bathroom Trends

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Whether or not you’re planning on selling your house or you just want to create a space that’s always in style, incorporating timeless bathroom trends into a remodel in Colorado can be beneficial. There are certain elements that will allow your bathroom to have a modern and new feel but will also be able to stand the test of time.

Keep the tile neutral

Having tiles that are neutral in color will keep your bathroom timeless. These colors can match with anything, so if you decide to change the color scheme, you won’t have to change the tiles too. From whites to beiges to grays, these colors match with and complement the rainbow of colors. Thus, if you decide you want something bold and daring, your tiles will still match. If you want to be more sophisticated and understated, your tiles will still look good.

Paint is easy to change

More than likely, you will have at least one wall in your bathroom that you can paint—and paint you should. This feature is a lot easier to change than wallpaper. Whether you change colors after a few years or decide to move, then changing the color of this space will be easy on you and the new owners.

custom bathroomHave enough space

Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom having enough room for items is important. If there’s not enough space, that can be incredibly frustrating and make the bathroom look cluttered and dirty.

With enough counter space, it’s also important to have enough storage space. Adding open shelves, cabinets, or under vanity, storage can be incredibly helpful for keeping things organized and in the bathroom where they are needed. Having enough space is a timeless feature that everyone can enjoy.

Have the right vanity

While there’s nothing wrong with having a modern bathroom, this style may not be trendy for long. To keep your bathroom timeless, consider getting vanity’s that have a traditional or farmhouse look. These will probably always be in style. Many current manufacturers make replicas of these traditional vanities, so they aren’t difficult to find.

Getting an updated bathroom means being able to have a space that looks good and is functional. The final design will be up to the homeowner, but incorporating some timeless styles and elements could mean it will stay trendy for longer.

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