Tile Flooring for Small Bathrooms

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Tile is a wonderful choice for a bathroom. It provides a waterproof surface that’s critical in a room that produces a lot of moisture. Tile comes in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that it offers seemingly endless possibilities.

Small bathrooms are practical, but challenging, from a design perspective. If you have a small bathroom, there are a few rules to follow to make the most of your tiny space.

Think Diagonally

In a small room, flooring tends to take center stage visually. Diagonally set tiles offer an optical illusion that makes the floor seem bigger. This is because humans tend to think in simple patterns, and a diagonal floor breaks that pattern.

Another reason diagonal tiling works is that when you enter the room, the tiles make a “V” patterbathtopn, giving the feeling of opening up, whereas square tiles can make you feel boxed in.

Light Colors

A general rule in design is that bright colors make a space look bigger, while dark colors tend to close a room. That’s not to say you have to pick an all-white floor—alternating dark and light tiles still has about 50% light color.

Bigger Tiles

It may sound strange, but using larger tiles can actually make a small space seem larger. When you use smaller tiles, you will naturally have more grout lines, which can give you the feeling of being boxed in. Larger tiles require fewer grout lines, creating an optical illusion of a larger room.

Tinted Grout

One of the most popular choices for bathroom tiles is the tiny-tiled mosaic. Going small goes against conventional thinking, but there’s a way to employ this style without making your room feel small. Choose a tinted grout that’s close in the shade to the tile. Having less of a contrast between the tile and grout reduces the grid-like effect that can come from small tile schemes.

Bathroom Remodeling Your Way

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