Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting project, as there are so many different styles, colors, and features to choose from. You can make small changes to fixtures and hardware, update the tile, or possibly even gut the room and start from scratch. However, before you get started on any bath remodeling project, there are a few things to consider.

Consider Your Needs

It sounds simple, but you need to ask yourself what you want out of a bathroom. Are you more likely to take a bath or a shower? How much space do you need? Do you want the double vanity? Think about what styles and colors you prefer, and think about your practical considerations.

Families with young children will probably find a tub is better for bathing, and dog owners may want the type of handheld shower wand that makes it easier to clean Rover. Families that share bathrooms may find they want two sinks to avoid crowding. Sit down with the family and make a list of what you do and don’t like about your current bathroom situation, then build your remodel wish list based off of that.

Long-Term Needs

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may want to consider what you’ll need in the future as you age. You can opt for built-in shower seating or have handrails installed that can assist you getting in and out of the tub. If you aren’t interested in having rails installed yet, you can ensure that the walls are appropriately reinforced to fit rails when the time comes.

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Set a Budget

Revisit your list of desired improvements for your bathroom. If you’re only updating fixtures, you’ll have a much smaller budget that if you’re planning a major overhaul. Get several estimates for each step of the project so you can identify reasonable pricing. Determining your budget ahead of time will spare you surprises and headaches that can come from poor planning.

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