The Benefits of Visiting a Showroom

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Let’s face it—we all love flipping through magazines and browsing online for design ideas and the little things that we fall in love with. However, if you’re planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel, it’s more advantageous to actually go into a showroom and look at real design elements.

Expert Opinion

When you visit a showroom (as opposed to online shopping), you get the added advantage of being able to talk to experts in the field. These individuals know everything about the business and can offer a qualified opinion on what will work best for your unique remodel. If you’re just learning about countertops, for example, a designer can help you figure out the benefits of one stone over the other.

Benefits of Visiting a Showroom

Touch and Feel

There’s definitely one thing missing from online browsing, and that’s being able to physically touch something. Texture is important, and you get a different feeling from seeing something in person versus a small image. When you’re looking at elements like faucets and shower fixtures, usability is important, and you’ll want to make sure it feels comfortable. In addition, many stones are unique and can look dramatically different from online samples, which is why in person is best.

Color Accuracy

It’s one thing to look at samples on your phone or computer, but as much as technology has to offer, it’s not always as accurate as seeing something with your own eyes. This is particularly true with colors. Colors look different on different screens, and it may not look quite the same under different lighting. When you’re making big changes to things like cabinets or countertops, it’s best to see what it’s going to look like in conditions close to what you have at home.

Compare Lighting

There are many different ways to light your kitchen or bath, with many different temperatures and variations in color. The only way to compare is to see them in action in a showroom.

When you’re ready to make a showroom appointment, contact Niron Depot. We serve the Denver metro area, and you can browse our huge selection of flooring, kitchen, bath, and lighting fixtures, and countertops. We employ design experts that can help you get the remodel you deserve.