How to Talk About Countertops: Part One

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It’s the industry’s least hidden secret that granite or marble countertops can add tremendous value to your kitchen remodel. This feature looks phenomenal and adds a lot of personality, and it promises to increase your home’s resale value. When you’re shopping for a new countertop, there’s a lot of terminology that you’ll hear thrown around, which is why you may need a crash course in a glossary of countertop language.


You may have heard this term applied to pieces of wood, or even pieces of meat, but the grain refers to the general direction that the minerals fall into when we’re talking about stone. Depending on the specific type of stone you’re working with, there may not be a visible grain. Some stones are naturally more uniform and lack some of the distinct veins of minerals that you can see in some granites and marbles.

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Absorption Rate

Every stone has an absorption rate. This number refers to how quickly water is absorbed into the surface of a piece of countertop material. More specifically, the number you will see on specs refers to the percentage of moisture absorbed by weight.


This is one term you’re likely to have come across when perusing catalogs and magazines. The backsplash is a tiled or otherwise protected area of a wall that prevents water and other splashes from hitting the wall itself. Backsplashes can be an extension of the countertop or can be an independent focal point when created with tiles of interesting textures and colors.


When we’re talking about countertops, the finish refers to how the surface of the countertop looks when installation is complete. This means you can have a polished finish, a matte finish, a leather finish, and more. Each has their own benefits and can impact the absorption rate of the stone.

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