How to Talk About Countertops: Part Two

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We started a conversation last time about the terminology you may need to understand to make the right choices when it comes to countertops. There are many different ways to describe countertops and their materials, and we want to try and clear up some of the confusion that may arise when you start hearing jargon that can sound like nonsense. Keep reading for more common countertop terminology.


Every countertop has an edge, and how that looks can vary wildly. Some edges are raw and untamed, while others are precisely honed and shaped to create a specific look. You’ll very commonly see reference to a bullnose edge, which refers to a rounded edge on a countertop. On the more intricate end of things, you may also see variations on the ogee edge, which uses convex and concave curves to create a precise, sophisticated edge on a countertop.


The overhang of a countertop refers to the amount of material that extends past the cabinets. Depending on the purpose of your space, you may have a different overhang in a specific area. In general, a 3cm overhang is traditional, but most materials can withstand an overhang of up to ten inches without requiring additional support. If you have a kitchen island with seating, you may need more overhang than for a countertop area where you are standing.

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When you’re shopping for stone countertops, understand that stone is as organic as anything else and thus is not uniform. Some marbles and granites are consistent in color and texture, but the bulk of countertop materials have natural variations that mean that no piece is alike. When you’re picking out a countertop, you compare slabs of stone to see which you like best. Some may have dramatic veins while others may show interesting color variation. The best way to choose a countertop is to inspect individual slabs.

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