Take Care of Your Shower Head

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Who doesn’t love a good shower? It’s relaxing and a great way to wake up or end the day. While people will put a lot of thought into the bathroom’s look and overall design, it’s less likely that they will think about the actual shower head. If you want to really take care of your Colorado bathroom the way it deserves, you’ll need to make maintaining the showerhead part of your routine.

About Your Shower

When most people take a shower, they only notice the water pressure and don’t actually get a good look at the showerhead. Water contains minerals and sometimes chemicals, and over time, these can build up on the showerhead parts.

Potential Problems

When the showerhead gets dirty, it can start to cause some problems. Thanks to mineral and chemical buildup, the water pressure can change, and the showerhead can become clogged. In addition, bacteria can build up over time, and the showerhead will eventually need to be replaced.

Clean the Showerhead

It’s important to clean your showerhead every now and again to make sure that the water flow stays steady. One culprit is calcium, which is more prevalent in hard water. Some showerheads have a small screen between the head where the water comes out and the neck of the showerhead. If you remove the head, you’ll see a gasket and possibly a screen. If you have a calcium buildup, you’ll see small rocky deposits. The other method for cleaning the showerhead is to remove it and soak the whole piece in white vinegar for a few minutes. It will clear up any hard water stains.

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Replace the Showerhead

It’s not common knowledge, but you should replace your showerhead periodically. There isn’t a rule on how often it should be replaced, but regular cleaning can help stave off the inevitable. If you live in an area with hard water, you can expect to replace the showerhead more frequently than if you live in an area with soft water.

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