Step By Step: Design Your Kitchen in Phases

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Getting the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of is a great goal, but it’s not something that happens overnight. If you’ve never done a kitchen remodel before, you’re in for an eye-opener. There will be a lot of choices to make and there will probably be a few surprises. One way to make all of this more manageable is to break your remodel down into phases.


A project won’t succeed without a good foundation. During the design phase, you should get a big picture of what the kitchen is going to look like. You should make plans and calculate workspace and headroom, as well as walking space if you plan on an island. Look at design showrooms and online for inspiration.


After the design phase, you’ll need to think about your budget. There are different ways to break down the budget, but planning by phase can be helpful. You’ll need to calculate for fixtures and hardware, cabinets, and countertop, as well as installation labor and appliances. Whatever you choose as your end budget, make sure you add an extra ten percent to account for any unplanned expenses that will inevitably happen.

Upper Cabinets

Part of why there are two separate phases for cabinets is because one is less invasive than the other. Upper cabinet replacement or refurbishment can usually be done pretty quickly and it typically doesn’t impact the kitchen to the point that you’re shut down.

Lower Cabinets and Countertop

Unlike the upper cabinets, replacing the lower cabinets and countertop is a much bigger task and might mean your kitchen is out of commission for a couple of days. Because the plumbing and electricity need to be disconnected for this part, you could also do the sink at this phase.

Appliances and Flooring

Take care of appliances and flooring after the cabinets—these usually don’t require a total shutdown. Sometimes your general contractor can get you in touch with some great deals on appliances.


Add the final touches like light fixtures and window dressings at the very end of the project. It’s what will turn the kitchen into a part of the home.

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