Selecting a Kitchen Sink

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Remodeling a kitchen in New Mexico is an incredibly exciting time. You finally get to make it what you’ve always wanted, and it will fit your style and desires. There are so many decisions to make so that the kitchen is perfect, and one thing you need to think about is the kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink is a vital component of the space, and you need to find one that will match the décor but also be functional. This could be a touch challenging, especially since there are so many different styles of sinks out there.

kitchen remodelSink Size

The first thing you’ll need to think about is size. What will you be using the sink for? Do you have large dishes that you’ll need to hand wash? Do you want something deep or do you prefer wide? Thinking about how you’ll be using the kitchen and the sink will help you determine what size you’ll need.

You’ll also need to consider how the sink will fit in with the cupboards and counterspace. If it’s incredibly wide, you’ll have to sacrifice storage space and countertop space. If it’s incredibly deep, you’ll have to give up storage space beneath the sink.

Number of Bowls

How many bowls do you need on your sink? Most sinks come with two, but how they are configured will vary. You can get bowls that are the same size, or you can get them with various sizes. If you plan on washing big dishes, you may want bowls that are the same size. You can also get a sink that has a small space that contains a disposal and then a larger space for holding dirty dishes. Again, thinking about how you’ll use the sink will determine how many bowls you’ll want/need.

Getting your kitchen remodeled is an exciting time. It’s important to think of all the details, including the type of sink you want.

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