Savings Tips for a Bathroom Remodel

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Getting your bathroom remolded is an exciting prospect. It means finally having the space that you’ve always wanted and updating any old features that are an eyesore to look at. It can also mean making the space larger and more functional. If you’re planning on having some work done, below are some ways to keep it within budget.

bathroomSkip the tile

While tile can look absolutely amazing in a bathroom, it can also be incredibly expensive. It can also take a long time to install, and you’ll need a professional to make sure it’s done right. While none of these are obstacles that can’t be overcome, if you’re looking for a way to save some money during the bathroom remodel, then consider using reclaimed wood panels instead.

Having this feature in your bathroom can give a it warm and inviting appearance. They can also be a lot less expensive. They can also give your bathroom a style and sophistication that often isn’t found in other homes.

Use granite remnants

If you’re like most people, then you probably have thought about—and want—granite on your bathroom counters. These can make an amazing addition to any bathroom. They can be incredibly stylish and easy to care for.

To save some money, consider using remnants from other bathroom remodels in your space. More than likely, you’ll be able to get a discount on the price because the company will be happy to be able to get rid of it.

If you’re not excited about marble, then consider tiling your countertops to help save some money. It may be too expensive for the wall, but it can be cost effective when used in a smaller space. This is a way to still have tiling in the bathroom without it breaking the budget.

Go with shelves instead of cabinets

Adding shelving into your bathroom can give you the storage space you need, but they won’t cost as much as getting cabinets. Of course, you’ll have to keep the space neat and organized, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Open shelving is becoming more and more popular with remodels, so going this route will mean being able to save some money and getting a trendy element added to your bathroom.

Getting your bathroom renovated can be expensive. Save costs where you can and call Niron Depot to see how they can help you get the bathroom of your dreams.