Safety Features for Your Bathroom

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If you are getting older and wish to remain in your current home for as long as possible, you need to start considering making your bathroom a safer space. The same goes for if you plan on having an elderly family member move in with you. Falling is one of the top dangers, and it often happens in the home, and specifically the bathroom. Here are a few ways you can make your bathroom safer as you age.


Handrails are easy to have installed, and it’s an easy way to get some extra stability. You can have these installed in the shower or near the toilet, and these handrails can help prevent falls.


One of the reasons people fall is due to poor lighting, especially at night. Consider installing nightlights or toe-kick lights under the cabinets. Making the way a little brighter will make it easier to move in the dark, and even in the daytime, having some bright light will help.

Nonslip Surfaces

There are temporary aids that you can use to prevent slippage in the shower or tub, but you can also opt for non-skid surfacing during your remodel. Also consider non-slip bath mats for the floor. Anything you can do to avoid falls will be worth the investment.

Custom Bathroom

Wheelchair Accessibility

Depending on your needs, you may need to start to make accommodations for a wheelchair. Some of the remodeling choices you can make include widening the doorway so it’s easier to comfortably move a wheelchair through. In addition to handrails, having a raised toilet and lowered sinks can make life easier for someone confined to a wheelchair.


It’s a small thing, but consider your sink and shower fixtures. You’ll want to get something that’s easy to handle and that doesn’t create confusion. The last thing you want is someone getting burned from too-hot water. Single handle sink fixtures are easy to use for someone with arthritis, for example.

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