Picking the Right Sink for Your Kitchen

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Every kitchen needs a sink. It is an element that is used constantly and for a variety of different tasks. When remodeling a kitchen, getting the right sink is incredibly important. When deciding what sink is the right one for your kitchen, you’ll need to determine how that sink will be used.

If you use your sink often to wash dishes, including baking pans and larger items, you’ll need to consider getting something that’s deep and wide. Having one large bowl might do the trick, but you may also want a sink with two compartments so you can wash on one side and rinse on the other.

If you want a sink with two bowls, you can get some that have bowls that are equal in size or one that is larger and one that is smaller. Depending on your needs, the smaller one may have a garbage disposal included.

Where do you want your drains? They can be located in the middle of the sink or offset to one side. If they are offset, this will create more space in the bowl for dishes to be stacked, as well as more space under the sink to store things in the cupboard.

Do you want the sink level with the countertops in Aurora or under it? There are pros and cons to having your sink set either way. If the sink is under the counter, it will make sweeping crumbs into it easier. The downside is that the edges around the sink will have to be rounded and finished.

This isn’t true if the sink is mounted on the countertop. This makes the sink easy to install, but it also requires a ring of caulk around the edge. This can cause food debris and liquid to get trapped and allow mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

SIR Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

After deciding on the type of sink, you’ll need to find a faucet that will be both functional and long-lasting. Again, finding the right one will depend on how you plan to use your sink.

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