Finding the Right Lighting for Your Bathroom

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Your bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms in the house. Everyone uses it multiple times a day. It’s the place where people get ready for the day and where they end the day. It should be an inviting and comfortable space. One way to make it that way is to have the right lighting.

There are a variety of ways to light your bathroom, and determining which one is the best will be depend on personal taste and the style of the bathroom. Below are a few ideas to consider when looking for the right lighting for your bathroom.

Safety Features for Your BathroomReplicate daylight lighting

Natural light is the best way to show off the true colors of your hair, face, makeup, and clothes. Mimicking this in the bathroom will give you a really good idea of how you and your outfit will look once you step outside your home.

To achieve this type of lighting in your bathroom, you’ll want to get lights that have a shade of white, including frosted or clean. You’ll also need to have bulbs that appropriately render colors for the room. These can include LEDs, incandescent, or compact fluorescent.

Add lights around the mirror

Adding lights to the sides of the bathroom mirror will make it so shadows aren’t created on your face while getting ready for the day—a common occurrence when light comes from above in bathrooms. This type of lighting will be beneficial when shaving or applying makeup.

Use different layers of lighting

When getting ready for work in the morning, you want to make sure you have the light to see exactly what you’re doing and how you’re going to look. At night, when it’s time to relax, you don’t want the light in the bathroom to be as harsh. Consider adding a dimmer switch or different fixtures that have soft lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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