Remodeling the Family Bathroom

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If you have kids and teenagers running around the house, it’s likely you have a chaotic family bathroom. People have to wait their turn, and the sinks are crowded while everyone is brushing teeth, putting on makeup, and generally getting in each other’s way. It may be time for a remodel. Here are some tips for making sure your family bath remodel is everything you need it be.

Identify Your Needs

First things first, you need to determine what the problems are with your current bath situation. Is everyone crowded around a single sink? Do you need a larger mirror? Determine who uses the bathroom, what those needs are, and make a list. Be sure to think about what your future needs will be as the kids get older. Once you have a wish list, you can work with the designer to get what you want.


One thing you don’t need in a family bath is a high maintenance countertop or floor. You’re going to have a lot of traffic in there, and given how busy your family is, you won’t always have time to maintain a pristine bath. That being said, you should probably avoid wood floors, as kids may leave wet towels and other messes—go with tile instead. For countertops, choose a low-maintenance alternative to countertop materials you love the look of. Talk to remodeling experts to get a detailed rundown of countertop materials.


If you have a house full of people, you’re going to need adequate storage for towels and other bath items. You’ll need to plan for adequate cabinets, and you can add shelves for additional storage. It’s also a good idea to include room for a laundry hamper for all of those used towels.


While the family bath may serve more function than form, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of style. Choose accessories like decorative jars to hold items like cotton swabs.

When you’re ready, reach out to the Niron Depot team. We can provide 3-D models of your plans and walk you through our showroom to find exactly what you need for your family bath in Colorado and beyond.