Remodeling Your Kitchen For Resale, Part 2

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In our previous blog post, the Aurora kitchen experts at Niron Depot gave you tips for renovating your kitchen space with resale value in mind. We’ll continue on that topic here, with more ways to attract potential homebuyers with your kitchen space and get more money when closing time rolls around!

Knock down some walls.

That is, if you can. If there’s one thing homebuyers are looking for in a home in this day and age, it’s a wide-open living space that blends kitchen, dining, and living room spaces together for a cohesive look and maximum potential for entertaining. If your home was built in the 1970s or earlier, there’s a good chance your home doesn’t have this type of layout—so if you can manage it without knocking down supporting walls in your home, open up your space a bit and remove some unnecessary walls.

Avoid extremes and “luxury” items.

Exotic cabinets made from Amazon Rainforest trees, wine fridges, and chef-grade appliances might be eye-catching for some—but when it comes to resale value, these expensive touches might a bit over the top. The entire idea of renovating a kitchen for maximum resale value is to renovate in a cost effective manner—if you’re blowing your budget for luxury items, you’re cancelling out any potential ROI you might have come closing time.

Install durable flooring.

Kitchen floors can certainly take a beating—so if you have old linoleum or even carpet (yikes!) in your kitchen, it’s time for an upgrade. No need for high-end ceramic or marble flooring here—you need something that’s durable, beautiful, and most of all, affordable.

Laminate wood and cork flooring or both affordable options that are very trendy in today’s kitchen landscape, and they’re durable enough to handle pretty much anything a kitchen can throw at them (with cork, you’ll need to reseal it every three or four years—or the new homeowners will). Plus, they’re relatively eco-friendly.

Low-end porcelain can also be a solid choice, especially for modern kitchens. It’s incredibly durable and low-maintenance, and some types of porcelain look a lot like stone (especially the unglazed varieties). Shop your local kitchen and bath Design Centers for options in your price range, and find a flooring that will last a long time without breaking your budget. You’ll get that money back and more when you sign your home away at closing.

Talk to your real estate agent.

If anyone has their finger on the pulse in terms of what homebuyers are looking for in today’s housing market, it’s your real estate agent. They spend hours and hours showing homes to potential homebuyers, and they hear every comment, criticism, and wish that comes from these parties. This is valuable information that could lead to a faster and more lucrative home sale—after all, if your real estate agent says her clients always seem to be looking for cherry cabinets in their new home, why wouldn’t you buy cherry cabinets?

Trust the Aurora kitchen and bath experts!

For all the materials and design services you need for your cost-effective kitchen renovations, choose Niron Depot. We’re happy to help you find the right materials for your needs and your budget, and our kitchen design services can help you create a kitchen that’s palatable for potential homebuyers in your market. Don’t wait—stop by our Aurora & Englewood Design Centers today!