Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen for Baking

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The whole point of a kitchen remodel is to make your kitchen more purposeful and efficient. What that purpose is depends entirely on you. Are you doing more entertaining, or do you spend your time making coffee? Your needs will dictate the purpose of your kitchen. There is a special group of people who use their kitchen to the limits—bakers. Bakers have a distinct set of needs, and here’s how you can remodel your Colorado kitchen to satisfy the baker in your life.

Open Shelves

When you bake a lot, you have to grab the same items over and over again—flour, sugar, etc. Keep your dry goods stored in clear jars and have those jars stored on open shelves. It looks warm and inviting to have jars on the shelves, and it’s easy to see and grab exactly what you need while you’re baking.

Remodeling Kitchen

Upright Tray Storage

One way to keep your equipment organized is to store your baking trays upright. Design a special cabinet that pulls out and stores baking sheets vertically. You’ll love how easy it is to access what you need, and this type of storage drawer can fit in small spaces.

Wall Displays

The great thing about baking equipment is that a lot of it is very attractive. Store some of your cake molds, cutting boards, or rolling pins. It will look rustic and homey, and it’s a practical way to store some of your more cumbersome baking equipment.

Tech Space

The modern kitchen needs to include plenty of outlet space for charging devices. This also creates a natural space for looking up recipes and baking techniques. Having plenty of outlet space also means you can put your stand mixer in a convenient location so you don’t have to move it frequently.

Convection Heat

One more modern oven convenience is convection heat. Convection heat is efficient and produces crispy crusts and quality textures. If you have the space and the budget, consider having two ovens.

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