Which to Remodel First: The Kitchen or the Bathroom?

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The kitchen and bath are two of the most high-traffic areas in a home. This is because most of the residents need to cook, clean and complete hygienic tasks daily. The constant use may not be fatal in the beginning; however, as time moves forward, the aesthetic appeal of these areas begins to decline. Many Utah homeowners that are in this situation will often invest in a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

However, most homeowners cannot afford to remodel both their kitchen and their bathroom. This means that they need to decide between the two. This can be difficult; however, after doing a little bit of research, making the decision can be a breeze.

Remodeling the Kitchen First

There are a number of benefits to remodeling a kitchen. After it is finished, the homeowner will have a beautiful space to entertain dinner guests. If the homeowner loves to cook, they can also have a bigger, more organized space to do what they enjoy. However, anyone doing a kitchen remodels should avoid spending too much on appliances. Although they may be shiny and new, they can drastically cut into the homeowner’s budget.

The only real downside to remodeling a kitchen is that the homeowner is most likely not going to be able to use it during the remodeling process.

Remodeling the Bathroom Firstkitchen remodeling

Although there are a number of benefits to remodeling a kitchen first, many homeowners in Utah will hold off. Instead, they will remodel their bathroom. By doing this, the homeowner can have a fresh, clean space that they can use at any time of the day. They can also customize aspects like the showers, sinks and cabinets to their liking. However, like the kitchen, the homeowner will most likely not be able to use the bathroom during the remodeling process.

It can be hard to decide between remodeling the kitchen and the bathroom. Contact Niron Depot if you are having a hard time making the decision. We can help you go over all of the pros and cons of each option. Don’t be afraid to give us a call today!