Refrigerator Organization Tricks

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The kitchen is a room where you spend a lot of time, and you really can’t go without one. If you’ve recently done a kitchen remodel or you’ve invested in new kitchen appliances, you’ll want to keep your kitchen looking clean and organized. One way of keeping your life saner is to keep your refrigerator organized—here are a few tactics for tackling chaos in the fridge.

Shelf Liners

Storing items in the refrigerator inevitably leads to spills, and there is actually a way to save yourself a little bit of time and effort in the fridge. Line your shelves with plastic wrap. When there’s a spill, all you have to do is pull up the plastic and throw it away.

Food Storage

If you can avoid it, don’t store dairy in the door. Because you’re constantly opening and closing the door, the temperature fluctuates more. Storing something like milk in the door means it might go bad faster. Store raw meat and seafood on the bottom shelf of the fridge. If there are any leaks, it won’t drip onto anything below it.

Clear the Clutter

Refrigerators are sort of finicky when it comes to energy consumption. When the fridge is mostly full, it’s at its most efficient. However, it can get too full. Cool air needs to circulate around the food to keep it fresh, and if there are too many things piled up on top of each other, it can create warm pockets, which isn’t good for your food.

Easy Access

Keep like items organized and together in pull-out baskets. If you’ve ever noticed that the stuff that goes to the back of the fridge tends to just disappear, we have a solution. Add a lazy susan to your shelf so you can always see and access what’s behind the doors.


Using masking tape and a permanent marker, make labels on food containers, so you know how long it has been there. It turns out, that salsa has been there for months!

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