Quick Guide to Countertop Edging

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When you’re working on your kitchen or bath remodel, it’s the details that make your room stand out. Countertop edging is one of those small design aspects that you probably didn’t think about, but it’s an important consideration. Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about countertop edging.

Simply Square

A room remodel can suddenly become very busy if every detail is embellished. That being said, sometimes simple is best. Depending on your kitchen the focal point may be the lighting, the tiling, or the countertop—stick to a square (or eased) edge for simple, clean lines in a kitchen that has decorative elements elsewhere.

Mitered Edge

If you want to have the appearance of a big, bold countertop, installing a countertop with a mitered edge makes the countertop slab look thicker.

Waterfall Edge

For a dramatic look, the waterfall edge extends the countertop of an island vertically down the side. This is a surefire way to draw attention to your unique countertop stone.

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The bullnose edge is rounded and has a classic, traditional look that shows off the slab’s thickness and solidity.


This is another traditional look that features a curved drop-off. Depending on the cut, the ogee edge can highlight deeper curves or more subtle lines. Either way, the result is timeless and elegant.

Marine Edge

This is similar to a mitered edge; however, the edge is raised slightly higher than the countertop, creating a border that prevents liquids from spilling off the sides.


Installing a countertop with a beveled edge (a flat angle), gives the counter a bold, modern feeling.


For a unique look and feel, try a countertop with a “raw” edge. This requires a stonecutter to hand chisel the edges to create a natural, rocky appearance that transforms a kitchen and makes it feel more rustic.

Your Local Countertop Experts

Denver metro residents—don’t forget about the small design choices that can make your kitchen pop, such as countertop design. Contact our remodeling experts at Niron Depot so that we can help you get the kitchen or bath you’ve always dreamed of.