Pros and Cons of Purchasing Travertine Countertops for Your Home in Kansas

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It doesn’t take an interior decorator to tell you that it can be difficult to remodel your kitchen in Kansas, or any other part of the country. This process is expensive, time consuming and even a little bit stressful. There are so many decisions that need to be made before the final product can come together. One of these decisions is the countertop material. There are a number of materials that homeowners in Kansas can choose from, including travertine.Trends in Countertop Design

This unique material is perfect for countertops in kitchens and baths. However, it does have a few minor flaws that homeowners should be aware of. Before investing in travertine countertops, homeowners should make sure that it is the right material for them.

Pros of Travertine Countertops

There is no denying that travertine countertops come with a number of great benefits. One of the main benefits is the unique color that travertine has. The material totes a warm, milky color that looks amazing in a number of areas in a home, including kitchens and baths.

Travertine countertops are like snowflakes in the sense that they are all unique. This is because travertine has inconsistent veins and pits; these details make each travertine countertop a one of a kind piece.

The last benefit of travertine countertops is their strength. Clumsy homeowners can drop items on their travertine countertops without scratching or chipping them.

Cons of Travertine Countertops

Although travertine is extremely scratch resistant, it does have one major downfall; it is prone to acidic stains. Liquids that are naturally like orange or lime juice can have a catastrophic effect on travertine countertops. Although it won’t destroy it, it will leave a nasty stain that won’t easily go away. Before committing to travertine, all homeowners should know this important detail.

Travertine countertops are undeniably beautiful; however, it does have some negative aspects. Contact Niron Depot to learn more about the pros and cons of this countertop material. We at Niron Depot want to see you make the most out of your kitchen remodel in Kansas.