Planning Your Bathroom Remodel, Part 2

 In Countertops Aurora

In our previous blog, Aurora’s kitchen and bath experts at Niron Depot gave you tips for planning your bathroom remodel. We’ll continue on that topic today, with more advanced steps to take to keep your remodel on time and on the money.

Remember the little things.

Where do you need outlets in your bathroom? Do you want a rainfall showerhead that hangs from the ceiling? Where will your towels hang? It’s important to take the little things into account when planning your bathroom remodel—and we’re talking about the teeny-tiny details.

You’ll need to consult with an electrician and a plumber at some point in the remodel to make sure they know exactly where you want things in your new bathroom space—and you’ll need to check and double-check your measurements to make sure your towel racks, shower rods, and light fixtures fit they way they’re supposed to. If you fail to plan carefully, you could waste money on your renovation, and you’ll be dissatisfied when it’s all said and done.

Figure out what you need to special order.

Some parts of a bathroom are readily available at your local kitchen and bath Design Centers, but other things might need to be special-ordered or shipped from out of state (or country) in order to meet your specifications. These items could take weeks, if not months, to arrive—so be sure to check with your kitchen and bath suppliers on the availability of the items you desire so you can schedule your bathroom renovation appropriately.

Save money and thrift shop.

We’re not telling you to find a garage sale shower or a flea market toilet for your new bathroom—but when it comes to shopping for smaller parts of your bathroom, there are definitely benefits to thrift shopping. Finding one-of-a-kind light fixtures, a beautiful old mirror, or an old dresser that can be used as a vanity could be just what you need for a unique bathroom space—plus, you’ll save a ton of money by purchasing old items instead of new ones.

Keep accessibility in mind.

If Grandma Esther comes to stay at your place for a few weeks, will she feel safe and comfortable in your bathroom? Safety in the bathroom can be a huge concern for the elderly, as bathroom falls are one of the leading causes of injury for people over the age of 65. While you don’t have to install grab bars and other safety devices in your bathroom for a temporary visitor, there are other ways to make sure your bathroom is safe without spending extra money or sacrificing style.

Non-slip tiles floors (or floors with smaller tiles) are an excellent way to add traction and prevent falls in your bathroom, and comfort height toilets can make it easier for those with limited mobility to use the commode. Whatever the case, make sure your bathroom space is safe and comfortable for those you love most.

Get help from the professionals.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge of the best bathroom products, Niron Depot in Aurora is your source for bathroom fixtures, cabinets, flooring, appliances, and accessories that can transform your bathroom to fit your needs and your budget. Stop by our Aurora & Englewood Design Centers, and get started with Niron Depot today!