Pairing Countertops with Cherry Cabinets

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In your kitchen remodel, you’ve probably made a few decisions already. One is whether you’re going to replace the cabinets and the countertop or just the countertop. Either way, if you have cherry cabinets, sometimes choosing a countertop can be a little tricky, and there are no hard and fast rules. Here are a few guidelines for narrowing down your options.

Shades of Cherry

Cherry refers to the wood in the cabinet, but it can also refer to the family of stains applied to the cabinets to create any one of a variety of reddish hues. Before you think about countertops, you need to identify what shade or tone of cherry your countertops are. Different countertops may pair better than others depending on the reds and browns in the cabinets.

Red Tones

If your cabinets have distinctive red tones or shades of cinnamon, a lighter countertop would work well. Consider granite or marble countertops that feature mellow golds or yellows. The yellow contrasts nicely with the red creating a timeless look.

Dark Cherry

While some cherries are lighter and emphasize lighter red tones, there is another, darker side to the equation. Beautiful dark cherry stains are elegant, and when paired with a creamy countertop can create exciting contrast while playing with light and dark.

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Dark Countertops

You don’t necessarily have to partner your cherry cabinets with a lighter countertop. In fact, some darker countertops will look stunning with a warm cherry cabinet. The result can be a little more dramatic than a lighter countertop.

Choose Your Stone

When you work with natural stone countertops, it’s important to know that every slab of stone is different, and you will want to pick out your slab in person. Who knows? You may find a slab that’s perfectly packed with complementary veins of color that will make your kitchen or bath pop. The other benefit to picking out slabs in person is that you can see all of the subtleties of the stones up close.

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