Are Painted Cabinets Out of Style?

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There are so many different options you can choose from when it comes time to refresh or remodel your kitchens. It may need a complete gut-out and redo or it may just need some new elements to make it feel fresh again. One thing you may consider doing is painting your kitchen cabinets.

Before turning up your nose and wondering if painted cabinets are still in style, keep in mind that depending on how they are painted, they may have never gone out of style. While certain colors, such as bright green or orange may not be appealing to the vast majority of people, having muted or custom colors could make a kitchen look fresh and clean again.

Choosing Cabinet Colors

There’s a current trend for people to have custom colors in their kitchen. They aren’t satisfied with the kitchen designs that all look the same. They want something new and fresh. Painting your cabinets in exciting colors could help your space stand out from the pack.

There is no rule on what color you can or should paint your kitchen. It will depend on your personal preference and style. Keep in mind, though, that if you ever plan on selling your house, a potential buyer may not be as excited about electric blue as you are.

Thus, choosing a more muted and sophisticated color might be a better idea. Using neutrals or grays can also be beneficial. If you want to add a splash of color, you can do so with the backsplash you put up. Conversely, you can make the backsplash and countertops the neutral colors and the cabinets your splash of color.

KitchenDon’t Go Too Dark

While you get final say on what color you want to paint your cabinets, keep in mind that if it’s too dark, it can make the space feel small and uninviting. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, having it bright and welcoming will encourage people to want to be in there.

If you’re ready to do something different with your kitchen, get in touch with Niron Depot. They can help you transform your space from dull to amazing.