Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms

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When you have a small bathroom, it feels like a constant struggle for space, and it’s easy to start to feel closed in. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it can be a challenge to balance between choosing colors that show off your style and personality and choosing colors that make a tiny space feel a lot bigger. Here are a few ideas for paint colors for small bathrooms.

Go Beyond White

A white bathroom is perfectly fine, but it just lacks some personality. White does indeed make a space look a little bigger, but there are other colors that can help make a room pop without making it look smaller.

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Gray All the Way!

Grays are actually really smart colors for a small bathroom. Even darker grays can look neat and sharp when paired with a white trim. Grays will make chrome details pop, and accent colors will hold their own.

Lighter Hues

It’s a well known design rule that lighter colors reflect more light and therefore make a room look roomier than a darker shade. If you don’t have a bathroom with a window, it’s important to choose a lighter color to offset the absence of light. Try a light blue or green, or if you’re feeling beachy, a bright aqua color will do the trick.

Stick With the Same Tone

You don’t have to go monochromatic, but you do need to stick to the same tone for your bathroom. Pairing light colored walls with a really dark tiled floor will make the room feel small, so consider your floor color when you’re considering paint color.

Blend With the Shower

You don’t have to stick with white, but keeping your shower tile and your wall colors coordinated will make the shower space feel bigger. If you’re really feeling up for a change, you can even paint your ceramic tiles in the shower to match your new wall color.

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