Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

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Knowing where everything is in your kitchen can make cooking less stressful. Accomplishing this goal may require having kitchen cabinets that are organized. There are a variety of ways to do this, including getting J&K cabinets in Utah, as well as organizing those cabinets with some of the ideas below.

Put Lid Shelves on Cabinet Doors

Lids for pots and pans are one of those items that are tricky to store. The can be large and cumbersome, and they don’t stack well because of the knob or handle on top. Getting shelves on the inside of cabinet doors to place these will allow you to know where they are at all times and keep the rest of the cabinet organized.

Kitchen RemodelingAdd Drawers that Slide Out

Adding drawers that slide in and out of cabinets will make it easy to access any cooking utensil or implement that is needed. No longer will you have to remove items to get what you need all the way at the back, it will be easy to get by pulling out the drawer.

Add Shelving that Pulls Out

Your spice cabinet is probably one of the most disorganized spaces in your kitchen. There’s nothing to be ashamed about with this, it happens to a lot of people. Consider adding shelving to your cabinet that pulls out so you can keep your spices organized and easy to access.

Add Hooks

When it comes to the space under your sink, consider adding hooks to the cabinet to store cleaning brushes, towels, and dish cloths. If they get wet, this will give them a way to dry, and it will keep them off the bottom of the cabinet where the water won’t be able to evaporate and dry—potentially leading to mold growth.

Add Hooks Under the Cabinets

There’s a lot of open space between the cabinet and your counters, and adding hooks can make the space useable. You can store coffee cups or other small cooking utensils here, making them easy to access when you need them.

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