Your Options for Stone Countertops

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New countertops are a huge part of any kitchen remodel. But of all the upgrades you might be looking at, none are likely to have the wide range of prices that new counters do. A beautiful stone countertop will transform your kitchen, but your choices can be overwhelming. Here is a quick guide to the pros and cons of different stone countertop materials.


Granite is a very common countertop material in the modern kitchen. It is an incredibly durable surface that is resistant to almost anything you can throw at it. It is heat resistant and incredibly difficult to scratch or scuff. A number of colors and different veining patterns are available, and every piece of granite is unique. The greatest drawback to granite surfacing is that it is fairly expensive. That said, the cost is often mitigated by the impressive lifespan of this elegant stone. You will need to re-seal your granite counter every few years to prevent staining.


Marble is another fairly common countertop material. It provides a classy finish and a highly durable surface, much like granite. While it is less resistant to chipping or scratching than granite, it is still exceptionally reliable and comes in beautiful colors and patterns. Like granite, marble will need to be sealed every few years and is comparable in price (if not a little more expensive) than most granite countertops.

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Soapstone is a classic, elegant choice for a stone countertop. It offers dark, rich colors and requires less maintenance than more porous stones like granite or marble. Soapstone doesn’t need to be sealed, although it can be lightly treated with mineral oil to maintain its depth of color. However, soapstone is softer than other stone options and will be easier to nick, chip, or scratch.


Technically, quartz isn’t a stone. However, quartz functions much the same as a stone countertop would, and at a lower price point. A combination of minerals, color, and resin, quartz gives you the classy look of stone with many of the same features, such as heat resistance and scratch resistance.

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