3 Signs That You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

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Out of all of the rooms in a home, the kitchen will often see the most wear and tear. This is due to the fact that the residents of the home are constantly using all of the appliances and features of kitchen. After making three meals a day for 10 or 20 years, many parts of the kitchen, especially the cabinets, will face some damage.

Although some of them are obvious, many homeowners in the Nebraska area are unaware of the signs that their kitchen cabinets need to be replaced. All homeowners in the Nebraska area should know what these signs are.

Sign 1 – Scratches

Over time, even the highest quality kitchen cabinets will occasionally suffer small scratches. Although these scratches are not noticeable on their own, they can quickly add up. Once the cabinet has accumulated a number of scratches, it can be painfully obvious. Although it won’t affect the strength of the cabinets, these scratches can make them less aesthetically appealing.

Sign 2 – Dents

Like scratches, dents can cause kitchen cabinets to become less visually appealing. Most kitchen cabinets will suffer dents from clumsy homeowners or accidents in the house (balls being thrown, etc.). Sadly, these dents can’t be fixed; if the homeowner cares about the visual appeal of their kitchen, they will need to replace the cabinet.

Sign 3 – No Longer Strong

Although it is uncommon, cabinets can become slightly weaker over time. The wood stays the same but the hardware holding it together can become loose. This is usually due to a poor installation job. If the cabinets become weak enough, the shelves within them could collapse from the weight. Or even worse, the entire cabinet could crash to the ground. To prevent this from happening, homeowners should pay attention to the sturdiness of their cabinets.

There are a number of signs that a kitchen is in need of new cabinets. Contact Niron Depot for more information about these signs. We can help you with your kitchen and bath remodeling from start to finish.