Must-Have Sink Accessories

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It may have taken awhile, but you’ve finally found a kitchen sink. Now that you have the perfect sink, you’ll need to treat it well and use the right accessories to stay clean and organized.

Sink Strainer

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, you’ll inevitably have to deal with the little bits of food on your pots and pans. Using a sink strainer keeps these things from going down and potentially clogging the drain. A sink strainer catches all of the debris, and you can knock it into the trash without getting your hands dirty.

Lottare B&B Deluxe Sink Strainer (fits all Lottare sink models)

Sink Grid

A sink grid fits the bottom of the sink and creates a raised area to set dishes upon. This means you are less likely to clog the sink with dishes, and it keeps food bits moving freely towards the drain. The most important thing to know before investing in a sink grid is the base area of the sink. Measure the internal length and width before purchasing a grid or mat.

Soap Dispenser

One modern convenience that you should definitely consider is a soap dispenser. The soap dispenser fits next to the sink faucet and creates an easy way to apply soap to your sponge or washcloth.

Over-the-Sink Holders

If you have a double sink, one way to organize your sink accessories like sponges is by using a sink organizer that fits over the sink divider. Essentially it works like saddlebags and allows you to store sink items so they are handy.

Over-the-Sink Cutting Boards

One particularly convenient sink accessory is the cutting board that fits over the sink. If you have a garbage disposal, all you have to do is set the cutting board over the sink, chop the vegetables that you need, then toss the veggie scraps in the garbage disposal. Cleanup is just that easy!

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