Modern Kitchen Designs

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When you think about remodeling the kitchen, you can go wild if your budget allows it. You may have moved into a house that hasn’t stepped out of the 1970s, or perhaps you just need a change, but either way, you may want a kitchen that looks modern. Highlighted by clean, crisp lines, the contemporary aesthetic can be yours for your kitchen remodel.


Granite is what’s in, but most granite is inconsistent regarding colors, veins, and overall makeup, which is part of its charm. Granite countertops are extremely hot right now in the world of kitchen remodeling, but if you want a sleeker look, take a glance at some of the granites that are more consistently black. Alternatively, you could go with a soapstone countertop, which offers a beautiful texture and the opportunity to build a patina over time.

Concerning style, choosing edges with clean lines is always a good choice, and if you have an island, the waterfall countertop will make your kitchen stand out in a modern kitchen.


Look for lighting fixtures that feature simplistic lines with or intricate design. While many lighting fixtures come in white or clear, don’t be afraid to go with color. Modern doesn’t always mean monochromatic.

Buena Light Pendant In Satin Nickel Finish And Cardinal Red Glass


One feature that many modern kitchens share is the undermount sink. This style of sink means it is mounted from underneath, and the connection to the counter has a seamless look. It will look like the sink is naturally part of the countertop.


Using tile that goes all the way to ceiling is one way you can transform your kitchen. Choose classic subway tiles or another glossy tile with an unusual shape to provide some diversity in your kitchen.

Mixed Textures

Using a combination of materials is popular right now in a modern kitchen. Pair a vibrant granite countertop with wood shelves for a dynamic look.

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