How to Get Maximum Usable Space in the Bathroom

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For many homeowners, a lack of space within the home is a serious concern. In fact, over a third of all homeowners actively want a larger home. Unfortunately, many of them are not able to move or cannot afford a home that is significantly bigger. That is why it is so important that they know how to take full advantage of the space that they already have.

Two of the biggest problem areas are the kitchen and bathroom in most Utah homes. The bathroom can be especially troublesome when there are multiple people who regularly need to use the bathroom at the same time of day. This can create an unfortunate situation where people are bumping into each other trying to get access to the sink or knocking over products as they reach for something else. Thankfully, these space issues can be slightly relieved by following these simple tips on how to take advantage of your bathroom’s space.

Bathroom Usable SpaceFloating Vanity

Not enough bathrooms have one of these, which is a shame because they are so helpful with maximizing usable bathroom space. By having the vanity raised about 6-10 inches off of the ground, you can open up a whole new area for storage while still having the same amount of storage space within the vanity.

Or you could leave that space empty and just use it as a nice place to put your feet while standing in front of the sink.

Get a Big Mirror

One of the most helpful tools when it comes to creating the appearance of more space is large mirrors. This is because mirrors are able to reflect light and make the bathroom appear much more open than it actually is.

There is also the practical benefit of having a larger mirror in a bathroom, which is that it significantly helps those families who have multiple people trying to use the bathroom at the same time. Instead of crowding one another trying to see themselves in the mirror, they can each have their own space to look at their reflection.

To get some more professional tips and other help on how to improve your bathroom space, you should reach out to Niron Depot today.