Maximizing Space With New Kitchen Cabinets

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Whether you have an open, spacious kitchen or a very small space that you need to maximize, you can never really have enough storage space. When it comes to function, convenience, and storage, you can get creative with innovative cabinet designs to maximize your space. Here are some tips to make the most of the space you have with new kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet height

Especially in a smaller kitchen, you might not have space to build deeper, larger cabinets to improve your storage space. These days, it is trendy to build cabinets up instead of out. Tall cabinets that reach the ceiling add new functional space to your kitchen, giving you a perfect place to store your rarely used kitchen items.

Kitchen Countertops

Use space efficiently

Many kitchens have awkward nooks and crannies. Whether it is large corner cabinets or small corners, you can make efficient use of these areas with great design and innovative organizational systems. A pullout in a large corner cabinet can help to make the deep, unusable space more efficient.  You can also create shelving in unused or unusual areas of your kitchen space.

You can make better use of open cabinet space by installing inside features like hooks for hanging pots or pans, or shelves for creating more surface area for storing kitchen essentials.

Add an island

If you have the floor space, adding an island is a trendy way to add both storage space and counter space. New custom cabinets in an island can be strategically placed for efficient usage, with accessible drawers for frequently used kitchen items and large bottom cabinets for more hidden storage at floor level.

You and your family probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Designing custom kitchen cabinets is the best way to maximize your storage space while creating a fresh, modern look. Niron Depot are Colorado’s kitchen and bath experts, and can help with any questions you might have about your dream kitchen project.