4 Different Types of Materials for Countertops

 In Countertops Aurora

No bathroom or kitchen remodel in Arizona is complete without fresh countertops. Having new countertops can add a ton of personality and style to a kitchen or bathroom. However, picking out new countertops is much easier said than done. There are a plethora of materials that can be used for countertops; all of them have different qualities and prices. It is important for homeowners to know what these different materials are. This will allow them to make a stylish choice that won’t break the bank.

Material 1 – Granite

Although it is a fairly common material, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing granite for your countertops. This material is extremely strong and easy to maintain. Granite also comes in a number of different colors, making it easy to pick the perfect shade.

Material 2 – Marble

Nothing says “luxury” like marble countertops. Regardless of how it is done, marble is always beautiful when integrated into a home; this does not exclude countertops. Like granite, marble is a sturdy material that is easy to clean. The only downside to marble is that in comparison to some of the other materials, it is quite expensive.

Material 3 – Travertine

There are a number of homeowners in the Arizona area that absolutely love their travertine countertops. This amazing material comes in a number of warm shades, making it perfect for bathrooms. The homeowner can choose between a matte or glossy finish for their travertine countertops.

Material 4 – Limestone

Few materials are more unique than limestone. This is thanks to its soft coloring and interesting aesthetic. The best part about this amazing material is that it is easy to see fossilized plants and animals in the stone. Some lucky homeowners have countertops that deserve to be in museums.

There are so many different materials that can be used for countertops that it is hard to keep track. Contact Niron Depot to learn even more about the different materials that you can use in your kitchen and bath. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time.