Marble Countertop: Yes, Please!

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We think marble countertops have caught a bad rap as a high maintenance, expensive material. While some complaints are partially justified, there’s a lot more to love about marble that makes it an excellent choice for bath or kitchen remodel.

What is Marble?

Marble is what’s known as a metamorphic stone, which means it transforms into stone under exposure to great heat. It is not as hard as granite and is harder than soapstone. Marble is formed from calcium carbonate, which is susceptible to etching due to contact with acids.

Due to its physical properties, marble, with its light tones and stark veins, requires a little bit of maintenance to stay pristine, though many homeowners treat a marble countertop like a beloved jean jacket—let it age gracefully, and it will grow with you.

Marble Finishes

The finish refers to the appearance of the surface at its end point, and there are two main finishes available for marble countertops.

  • Polished – a polished finish looks nice and shiny and resists staining; however, it can scratch and etch. Over time, the polished surface will start to wear, and you may need to have it refinished.
  • Honed – A honed surface is essentially a matte finish, which doesn’t show scratches, but it’s also a little less bright than a polished finish.


Marble, like granite and soapstone, is naturally porous, which can lead to staining. To avoid this, you’ll want to clean spills immediately and keep your counters clean. Even if you have a polished finish on your counter, you’ll want to have your counter coated with a sealant, which will create a stain-resistant (though not stain-proof) layer on the marble surface.

Cleaning Marble

There’s not much regarding maintenance. With warm soap and water, you can wipe down the surface daily, and a paste of baking soda and water can be used on stains. Countertops should be sealed, though it’s important to know that being sealed doesn’t make it stain-proof. When water no longer beads on the surface, it’s time to reseal. Avoid acidic food and cleaning products.

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