How to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Larger

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Your dream kitchen doesn’t have to be humongous. Sometimes the perfect kitchen is just a really functional, well laid out, well-organized space. If you have a small kitchen, you can do some simple things to make it feel bigger.

New kitchen cabinets

Old or dated kitchen cabinets are probably a big reason your kitchen feels small. Modern designs can be customized to your smaller space and make sure you are maximizing storage opportunities and using colors and designs that open the space up. If new cabinets are outside your price range, updating the hardware on your cabinets can be a good place to start to update your kitchen look.


If you have a small kitchen, clutter on the counters will add up quickly and make your space look cramped. Getting organized in your drawers and cabinets will help to keep your counters clean and your kitchen looking much more spacious.


You don’t need to do much in a small kitchen to make it feel cozy. Fresh, colorful dish towels are a great way to accent the room without taking up any space. Spruce up walls with some art that compliments the space, but be careful not to do too much. Too much decoration in a small space might make it feel more cluttered. 

New light fixtures

Not only do older light fixtures make your kitchen look dated, but they are often dim and inefficient. Nothing makes a kitchen look small like dull lighting, so investing in some modern, high-efficiency light fixtures can instantly transform your room. You can also consider installing lighting under your cabinetry, which is a classy touch and helps to brighten your food preparation and food service workspaces.


If you have questions about kitchen remodeling, speak to the experts at Niron Depot. They have the experience to help with all kinds of kitchen projects big and small, and their design team can help you find the look that you’ve always dreamed of.