How to Make a Kitchen Look Bigger

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Having a large kitchen is something that everyone dreams about. Unfortunately, many houses do not have the space to make this a reality. However, there are ways to make your kitchen look large. To help you get started, here are a few changes you can make to your kitchen remodel in your Kansas home to make it look much bigger.

A Lot of White

While there are benefits to using darker colors in a kitchen, making it appear more spacious is not one of them. Dark colors absorb light and therefore make everything seem a bit smaller. If you throw in a lot of white into your kitchen, it will instantly look more spacious because the light will be reflected rather than absorbed.

Bigger KitchenMore Lighting

Speaking of light, many kitchens do not have enough of it. Without sufficient levels of both natural and artificial lighting, your kitchen will appear dark and gloomy.

By installing a bit more light into the area, you can better highlight everything and make the space appear more open and roomy.

Flooring With Horizontal Patterns

We all know about the slimming effect of vertical stripes on clothes. It turns out that this also applies to floors. If your kitchen floor is made up of a material with no pattern or a vertical pattern, it will make the space appear slimmer. However, if you choose something with lines that are parallel to the kitchen entrance, then it can make everything seem a bit wider.

Open Shelving

Having too many enclosed cabinets can make a kitchen feel boxed off. If you decide to swap out some of the cabinets for open shelves, then you can make the kitchen feel more open and airy. Even replacing your cabinet doors with glass doors will go a long way in improving how big your kitchen looks.

If a bigger kitchen is what you are after, all it takes is a quick and easy remodel. To get help in planning your kitchen remodel, contact the professionals at Niron Depot today.