Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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If you had your way, you’d probably want more space in your kitchen, right? Nobody likes feeling cramped, but there are actually ways to work with your small space and make it feel roomier. When you’re planning your kitchen remodel, consider some of these tricks.

Glass Cabinets

If you swap out opaque cabinets with glass ones, you’ll get the feeling of openness. Essentially, the eye will continue to travel past the cabinet frame, making the space feel a little bigger. There is a trade-off; however—you’ll need to keep what’s inside the cabinets neat and tidy, or else it will look cluttered.


It’s a well-known design trick that light colors can make a space bigger. If you choose cabinets that are the same color as the wall, it will create a single plane without breaks, making the space feel wider. You don’t have to stick to light colors, though. Dark colors can sometimes make the room feel like there’s more space.


If your space is small, you should invest in furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. Avoid chairs and tables that have bulky legs.

Recessed Spaces

If you want to take a more dramatic step in your remodel, consider installing recessed pantries or cabinets. Instead of projecting out into the room, the doors are flush with the wall. The built-in design looks sleek and clean.

Blend Spaces

If you’re able to, try merging spaces. For example, if the kitchen is next to the living room, consider a divider that brings the two together.

Open Shelves

Shelves that lack visible supports or brackets don’t look as cluttered. The plain, simple lines formed by the open shelves are visually appealing and create a larger-looking space. Also, shelves help keep clutter off of the counters.

Store What You Can

Clutter is the enemy of small spaces. The more stuff you have out on the tables and counters, the smaller the room will feel. Find a hiding place for everything, even the small cleaning items for dishes.

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