Lighting 101: Mistakes to Avoid

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Planning a kitchen or bath remodel means planning room lighting. The proper lighting gives you room to work while still maintaining comfort and mood. Avoid these common mistakes when you’re planning your remodel.

Not Thinking in Layers

If a room feels uncomfortable, there may be too much light or not enough. The main culprit is that there is not a balance in the layers of light in a room. There are three types of lighting: ambient (general room), accent (decorative), and task (function) lighting. Any room should employ a combination of these types of light fixtures to create variation and balance.

Employing Only Vanity Lights

If your bathroom feels too dark, more than likely you’re only using the vanity light. While this is a critical task light, there should also be recessed lights or a flush mount fixture or two that will keep the bathroom from appearing dark and dingy.

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Lack of Task Lighting

As opposed to the bathroom scenario that relied too heavily on task lighting, an inverse problem can come from not using enough task lighting. Ambient lighting can inadvertently create shadows in a workspace, and appropriate task lighting, such as pendant lights and under cabinet lighting, can create a better working space.

Not Thinking Proportionally

Consider the space you’re remodeling and find light fixtures that are in proportion. Choosing a light fixture that’s too large can look tacky and out of place, and a fixture that’s too small can be underwhelming and even a little cheap. Measure fixtures and create mock-ups to get a sense of how the installation will fit into your room.

Choosing the Wrong Color Temperature

Lights burn at different color temperatures, ranging from cool, bluish hues to warm yellows. Lights with a color temperature over 5000K emit cooler tones, while lights with a color temperature of 2700-3000K will give off a warmer look.

Remodeling the Right Way

Lighting can transform a room—don’t make it an afterthought. Niron Depot can help you design and plan your kitchen and bath remodels—just contact us and visit our Design Centers to see what types of lighting we have in stock.