How to Light a Bathroom

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If you’ve never thought about it before, it may seem like no big deal—lighting. When it comes to bathrooms, good lighting can transform a mediocre space into an area that’s beautiful and functional. But what does good lighting actually mean? Read on for a quick guide for lighting a bathroom.


We spend a lot of time in the bathroom every day, and it’s important to have proper lighting so we can see what we’re doing. A bathroom with good functional lighting has an abundance of overhead lighting, as well as an appropriate amount of task, or focused, lighting. Task lighting helps the individual see better in a concentrated area, making tasks like shaving or putting on makeup considerably easier.


We need bathroom lighting to be functional, but many bathrooms are also spaces to relax after a long day. To accommodate these types of mood changes, install a dimmer switch for the overhead lights to switch to a clam, cozy atmosphere.

Areas of Focus

We’ve mentioned task lighting, but where? Add lighting to the vanity or in the form of wall sconces. In addition, you’ll want extra lighting over the shower and tub—have one light fixture over each end of the tub. General recessed lighting should be standard in any bathroom.

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Lighting can also accent special areas in the bathroom. Lighting can be used to highlight favorite pieces of art, and strip lighting can be installed underneath cabinets.

Bulb Choices

While clear bulbs are very popular, they also are notorious for making shadows. To avoid this problem, choose bulbs that are frosted, which will simply create a soft glow.


Light fixtures are a great way to put on the finishing touches in a room. Because bathrooms produce so much moisture, it’s best to avoid fabric shades, and brass can corrode. Consider materials like nickel or chrome.

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