What You Need to Know About Farmhouse Sinks

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If you’re thinking about taking on a kitchen remodel, there’s a particularly hot trend when it comes to sinks. You could opt for a traditional drop-in sink, but the farmhouse sink is a great way to inject some character into a room that can sometimes lack personality. Farmhouse sinks are beautiful and make a statement in a kitchen. Read on for more information about farmhouse sinks, sometimes known as apron sinks.

History of the Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks date back to a time before indoor plumbing. The sink is very deep and was filled with water sourced from elsewhere on the property. The sink could be used for anything from cleaning dishes to cleaning babies. It was a common sight in rural households, which makes it a nostalgic choice for rustic and traditional country kitchens.

Sink Design

Part of what makes the farmhouse sink unique is the shape and layout. The sink is cut into the counter and even sticks out a little beyond the counter. This is more comfortable when you’re standing in front of the sink for long periods of time, and if the water overflows, it will drip on the side of the sink, not on the cabinets below.

Farmhouse Sinks


Let’s face it—farmhouse sinks just look neat. It stands out from a traditional sink and catches the eye. It looks and feels comfortable, cozy, and nostalgic, and when it’s paired with the right hardware, your kitchen will look like it stepped out of a time machine—in a good way! Look for hardware that has a traditional look to match.


Many farmhouse sinks are made from porcelain, which looks homey and is less expensive than other materials. Fireclay is one option that promises durability and a long life—you won’t have to worry about scratches and dings. Occasionally, you will find copper farmhouse sinks. These are beautiful but are expensive and require a little more maintenance, though they do develop a gorgeous patina over time.

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