Knobs and Pulls and Hinges—Oh My!

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Quick Guide to Knobs, Pulls, and Hinges on Your Kitchen Remodel

As you may be aware, cabinet hardware has both form and function. It can change the way your kitchen or bath looks, and choosing uncoordinated hardware can really stand out—an not in the way it was intended. Here’s a quick guide to knobs, pulls, and hinges for your kitchen remodel.


Knobs come in a huge assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. The function is very similar to pulls, but knobs typically only have one fastener. There are sleek, modern knobs and others still that have a vintage look. You may even desire novelty knobs that come in interesting shapes like flowers or animals.

There are two main categories of knobs: solid and hollow. This is not necessarily a measure of quality. Some knobs, depending on their particular style, may need to be hollow in order to achieve a specific design element. That being said, solid knobs feel strong and heavy while hollow knobs are much lighter in comparison.


Pulls perform the exact same function as knobs, but they are more elongated and have more than one fastener. There are a few different types of pulls to choose from:

  • Handle – A handle pull is fastened at both ends and is the most basic type of pull. These are usually placed horizontally on drawers and on cabinets they are vertical.
  • Bar – The points where the pull is fastened to the cabinet are hidden by the bar pull, creating a more streamlined look.
  • Cup – Usually used on drawers instead of cabinets, a cup pull, predictably, has something of an upside-down cup shape.

Array Cabinet Pull


The type of hinge you use is largely dependent on what type of cabinets you have. There are concealed hinges that essentially disappear into the cabinet and you will only see them from the inside. There are also overlay hinges, which are at least partially exposed. You’ll want to find a coordinating color and finish that blends nicely with your cabinet color and kitchen aesthetic.

Contact the experts at Niron Depot for everything you need for your new cabinets. We can help you find the right hardware to fit your kitchen or bath’s aesthetic while being suitable for the specific types of cabinets you’ve chosen.