Kitchen Styles Part 3: The Rustic Kitchen

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We’ve been putting the spotlight on some popular kitchen styles and how to get the look for your kitchen remodel. One style that we love is that of a rustic kitchen. Rustic doesn’t mean worn-down, but it does give the feeling of being lived-in. It’s indeed the antithesis of the modern kitchen and is absent of sleek lines and white cabinets that tend to dominate the contemporary kitchen market. If you want something different for your Colorado kitchen, the rustic style may be just the right choice for you.

Feeling of Warmth

A rustic kitchen is, above all things, a warm kitchen. Warmth comes in the form of colors, textures, and materials, but a rustic kitchen can also be physically warm. For those cold Colorado nights, the inclusion of a wood stove or a firebox will create a warm, cozy feeling while you make dinner and eat with your family.


Despite what big box stores may tell you, there’s more to kitchen appliances beyond stainless steel, which can distract from the warmth of a rustic kitchen. Look for appliances that come in different colors that match what you’re trying to achieve, such as deep reds or browns.

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To add to the comfort of a rustic kitchen, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of different finishes that create the feeling of age. Distressed cabinets and copper furnishings that have a well-worn patina will add to your look. Add to the ambiance with vintage finds like tables and chairs.

Natural Materials

Stainless steel is out of the question if you genuinely want a rustic kitchen. Wood is the name of the game, and you really can’t have too much. However, the addition of natural stone will produce a different texture for countertops and backsplashes. Go with a honed finish on your countertop and consider a raw countertop edge to create a more natural look.

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