Kitchen Styles Part 1: Mediterranean

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Are you ready to transform your Colorado kitchen into something that better reflects your style and tastes? A kitchen remodel is a big undertaking, and you should get exactly what you want. If you aren’t sure, we’re doing a series on kitchen styles and our focus today in on Mediterranean kitchens and how you can achieve that look.

What is a Mediterranean Style?

When we think of the Mediterranean, we often think of the warm, inviting sunshine, rich colors, and a climate that can’t be beaten. That being said, a kitchen following a Mediterranean style is equally warm and inviting and features some rustic, natural elements and details that pop.


To create a vibe reminiscent of the Mediterranean, your choice of colors will be an excellent place to start. Warm yellows and creams create a good backdrop and don’t forget to include oranges, reds, and even greens and blues to produce interesting details and focal points.


Life doesn’t have to be square. Consider rounded shapes when you’re designing your kitchen. That can come in the form of countertop edging, tables, hoods, and even custom cabinetry. You can even create the feeling of curves by installing rounded hardware and sink faucets.


Tiles are an integral part of any Mediterranean kitchen, but specifically hand-painted tiles. Consider a tile backsplash that’s dotted with interesting patterns and colors. A dramatic backsplash goes a long way in creating a kitchen that stands out from the crowd.


A focal point of any kitchen is the countertop, and you can use a variety of materials to create a warm look. Granite is always a popular choice, and some granite styles have warmer tones than others. Remember—every slab of granite is slightly different, so pick it out in person. Wood or marble would be equally at home in a Mediterranean kitchen.


Wrought iron (or a faux finish) enhances this style and adds some of the finishing touches. Consider it for hardware and lighting fixtures.

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